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Welcome to the RuneScape Media WikiaEdit

This wiki hosts media from the RuneScape game. This includes screenshots, screencasts, audio clips, and the like.

Content hosted here may be used for a variety of purposes including:

  • Cross-sharing with other websites including RuneScape Wiki
  • Host content (such as transcripts) in a different format than is shared elsewhere
  • Sharing with other people on the Internet

Rules and guidelinesEdit

All media hosted on this site must comply with the following rules:

  • All content must comply fully with Jagex and Wiki rules.
  • All content must be strictly from the RuneScape game (any version)
  • No inappropriate or illegal content is allowed.
  • No threatening, harassing, bullying, or account compromising content is allowed.
  • Content must have content creator's permission to be hosted here.
  • Only content actually from the game is to be hosted on this wiki.
  • Standard copyright restrictions and fair use guidelines apply.
  • Any content violating these rules and guidelines is subject to removal.
  • All content from Jagex/RuneScape is copyright by Jagex.